Green Mama Soaps - Deanna Koch

I am Green Mama. I am a Birkenstock-wearing, single mom of 2 little girls. It is because of my girls that Green Mama Soaps even exists.

10+  years ago, I would have never considered using “green” as an adjective to describe me. I was dropping some serious discretionary money on potions and gels and all sorts of chemically-laden, but deliciously smelling products. I never read labels. I always went by how something looked, smelled, and by whatever the sales-gal thought I *had* to have.

Fast forward to being pregnant with my first child. That is when it all started; my transition to the green-side. A friend puts it very eloquently, when she refers to the various shades of green…I started small and very light-green when I chose to use a plant-derived laundry detergent and decided to go with the Burts Bees aisle rather than the larger, more popular brands.

Now, I have 2 children and am much more aware of what we put in and on our bodies. I was horrified when I learned what some of the ingredients in my regularly used former bath products were. It didn’t take long, before I realized I should just teach myself how to make soap. That would be the only way I could be 100% confident about what I was using, not only on myself, but on my little girls’ skin. -

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