Ethel's Collection

If you've been following Five Monkeys Inc on social media, you will have seen posts about a collection purchased in January of 2020. This collection was Ethel's, sadly she passed away in October and her family is not into ceramics like she was. Ethel poured a lot of her own ceramics, she was good at it. Her pieces are clean and two part pieces are well constructed. The molds from her collection have been acquired by someone else locally and we'll be able to bring some of the pieces in regularly. That being said Ethel also bought a lot of pieces from other local people the poured their own ceramics, so there are so many pieces!! The molds for most of the pieces were created in the 80's and earlier. You might find that piece of grandma's that got broken or just fall in love with some of the cuteness.
Many of these are still in circulation from people that still own the molds, however ordering these one at a time almost makes it too expensive when you take into account the price of the bisque and the shipping so unless I find them through another collection I likely won't have them on hand.

If you are interested in just the bisque use the code:  BISQUEONLY at checkout it will discount 25% and the balance will include shipping in the contiguous 48 states.
If shipping comes in less by more than $4 I will refund the difference.
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