The Layers - Urbandale Art Gallery 3/16 through 4/30

Dina Bechman

The Layers - Urbandale Art Gallery 3/16 through 4/30

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The Layers - New Artwork by Dina Bechman

I have been a creator my whole life.  I enjoy making things that spark happiness in someone else.  Regardless of the medium I work in there will be vibrant colors and texture as those are the things that draw me in to others' art.  I have been drawn to rainbows and the color spectrum my whole life so you'll find I don't create too many pieces that don't include all of the colors.

I brought a couple of my original loves, the original medium I created in,  which is glass paint on recycled windows.  These pieces change depending on the light behind them so they give you different joy at different times.  "This & That" has prism paper that puts rainbows into the room when the light comes through.

The majority of the these pieces are created with alcohol ink and I often add metallic paint.  I'm all over the place as far as where the paper goes from there.  Left in tact, hand cut, machine cut, layered in a mosaic, layered with sheets of plexi and sometimes I add a sparkle and shine that I haven't seen anywhere else by using glass paint within the piece.

I own Five Monkeys Inc, a paint your own pottery studio, so I've also included a few pieces that I've made from the unused glaze left behind by my customers.  I hate to waste materials so I upcycle the dried glaze into art. 

The pieces for this show were all created in the hope that as you walk by you will have no choice but to pause being drawn in by one of the features.  Vibrant colors, different textures, a pop of light created by textured glass paint, the movement created by the different layers.  

NOTE:  Any pieces purchased from this show are NOT available for pick up until the beginning of May after show ends 4/30.  If you are out of state I will ship and the cost of shipping will be in addition to the purchase price.  I will ship the most cost effective way possible and will invoice you separately for the shipping cost. 

Circles & Lines and This & That are not new works for this show, they are listed under their titles separately